Stay tuned for @GreenTeaSoul interview with @Msdeborah on @AgapeSoultv (at Ben’s Next Door)

Stay tuned for @GreenTeaSoul interview with @Msdeborah on @AgapeSoultv (at Ben’s Next Door)

Marquis Johns gives advice to fellow Pastors on how to reach the youth…!

Marquis Johns is not your typical Pastor. He is known for delivering the message of God in a manner that is poised, humbled and hard hitting. His messages are giving back life to a dying breed, a generation that is losing all hope and wasting their lives away. He is a no-nonsense pastor with a heart to serve and has the expertise on how to restore today’s youths.  Marquis was born in Los Angeles, California, and he grew up in an environment that was filled with violence, gangs and drugs. His life experiences have groomed him into the person that he is now and developed his ability to formulate an effective method of outreach.

What is BEAST 4 The Kingdom About? from Metro Church on Vimeo.

As a child, Marquis was exposed to a life that was highly destructive.  His mother was a member of a well-known gang called the “Bloods” at a young age. His mother and father were not married nor lived with each other and their methods of raising a child were contrary. Therefore, Marquis experienced two different perspectives on family dynamics and roles. With his mother he was more independent “borderline adult” and with his dad he was treated as a child, with old fashioned ideals like, “a child should be seen and not heard.” His childhood was spent back and forth between two opposite worlds. This made him into a sort of chameleon, able to adapt to his environment. But at the age of 12 he had to take on full responsibilities as an adult when his mother was no longer around. He began selling drugs to earn income for himself and his little brother. Eventually he joined a gang, Marquis stated that,

“I joined the gang for two reasons, for money and for protection of my little brother.”

In an attempt to escape the circumstances of his life, he found refuge in books and he began to read as many as he could. Books such as Encyclopedias and Dictionaries broadened his knowledge. This appetite for knowledge brought him in contact with the occult, which he dabbled in for a short time but soon found that it left him empty.
The main purpose for his consumptions in books was to become more educated, doing so enabled him to differentiate from his mother.

“I didn’t want to be viewed in the light of my mother’s sin so I did something to offset the way people would view me” -Marquis

He did not want others to associate her actions with his own, so he did what he could to supersede anyone’s expectations of his life’s path and its outcome.
He also read about Christianity and had developed an opinion based on what he had grown accustomed to seeing of a religion he felt was undesirable. For that reason he did his best not to follow the religion of Christianity. He went on to pursue a career as a hip- hop artist because of his talent in rapping and music. Hip-hop he believes is a culture and it came with being a gang banger, this lifestyle brought some consistency in his ever changing life. Marquis comments on this part of his life,

“The only thing constant in my life was music, hip-hop.”

Marquis accomplished many things during his short career as a secular artist. He receive his first deal with Interscope publishing in a group called “Years Ahead”  and met well known artists such as Sean Puff Daddy Combs.  Even as a music artist that accomplished many things he would find himself  falling back into selling drugs and that old lifestyle of gang banging and doing jail time.

Marquis soon realized that being successful in the secular margin would not bring him fulfillment. The turning point occurred in his life when a friend came up to him and said “God told me you were going to be a Pastor.” Marquis brushed it off and did not pay much attention. But as he continued on the path to stardom, he realized he was not fulfilled. God then spoke directly to his heart,

“God said to me if I continue down this path you are going to be lost.”

 Ultimately he gave his life to Christ. In 2002 he became an SDA (Seventh Day Adventist) and continued to grow in this new found faith. He began teaching at various engagements in different parts of the globe such as West Virginia, California, South Carolina and Los Angeles.

He also has a ground-breaking and out of the box outreach program called “Beast for The Kingdom”. The term “Beast” is used to connect with the language of today’s generation, it is a popular term used by the youth and so it is a familiar saying. It means to go hard or teach boldly and in this case beast is used to draw their attention and redirect the word to something more positive.  “Beast for The Kingdom” is a modern day concept of getting the message out to others the way it was done by an individual in the Bible called Daniel.

“What you see in the life of Daniel, all throughout this book, a young man beasting for the kingdom, he is going hard in the face of persecutions” Marquis explains.

Impactful artists such as Mali Music participated in the “Beast for The Kingdom” program series and it has proven to have a positive effect on the youth in the DC/MD/VA area, introducing them to an alternative lifestyle in Christ.

Marquis Johns continue to make it a mission to reach out to young people who are struggling in life and looking for acceptance. He teaches in a way that is most relatable and with clarity so it is easier for the youths to connect. His background and experiences have given him an edge over many motivational speakers and pastors in that he knows first-hand what it is like to face hard times as a youth. His messages are tailored for the church and the un-churched, bridging the gap. Under his teachings many have given their lives to Christ and found a renewed state of mind!

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ASN Vol 2 - The Movement MixTape with Super DJ Shawn Rebel

The Newest Addtion to the “Agape Soul Nation” Mixtape family Dj Shawn Rebel. But by far not the least. Voted Best Christian Dj in 2010! He has been a mixologist since the early 2000’s so the skills are definitely at the forefront.

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Mali Music explains his comment “I do believe my music is bigger than Gospel”…

Born in Phoenix, AZ, presently coming to us from Savannah Georgia Mali is a singer, songwriter, musician and producer; he is breaking down barriers in the world of Gospel music.  Mali Music began playing piano at age 5 and wrote his first song at age 8. He is classical trained on the piano and has added the acoustic guitar and electric bass to his repertoire! From his beginnings in 2002 his style has evolved and he has gotten even better.

Mali Music, Born Jamaal Pollard is proving to the music world that he truly lives the words of his 2009 song “Higher”, which tells us that we do not have to stay where we are in life, we grow and evolve and go higher!  Before his new CD drops later on this year, he graced us with a preview by releasing a single titled “ The Job Experience” a heavy hip hop and rock drench head bobber, that showcases his spoken word gift and flair for musical storytelling.  Mali’s style is musically bold! His two biggest musical influences are legendary artists Sam Cooke and Otis Redding.

Mali Music - “The Job Experience” from BangPopLA on Vimeo.

In 2006, Jamaal founded Mali Music Note Productions and in 2008, under the management of OvaFlo Entertainment, helped to form local independent label, SoundWalk Music Group.  Until we get the pleasure of his 2012 album release his versatility can be enjoyed with his debut CD “The 2ECOND COMING”. Released in  2009 through DMG/SWMG/Universal Music Christian Group. The CD includes is inspirational grooves “Avaylable” and “No Muzick”.  The album boasts his ability to go far and beyond the typical sound of Contemporary Christian music.  As you listen to his music he fills your rhythm needs. Mali flows through Hip Hop laced beats, then strolls through R&B sweet tones, back around to the pulsating Rock & Roll, but he doesn’t even stop there!  Mali says that “Frank Sinatra, Sam Cooke, 40’s music, Big Band arrangements, and Pixar Film scores inspire my versatility and keep my mind open to the endless potential of what we call MUSIC.”

Since the debut of his first album he has kept himself in heavy rotation by touring. His appeal has grown even faster as he continuously writes and produces music and songs for various musical artist. He has also been seen regularly performing with industry greats.  Artists like Kim Burrell, Deon Kipping, Detrick Haddon, Tye Tribbett, Kirk Franklin and Kierra Sheard have welcomed him to share their stage.  Aside from touring nationally, when back home in Savannah he regularly performs at various events on college campuses, social/civic gatherings and banquets. Mali has a natural gift that enables him to be relatable. Because of this natural ability, it makes him an easy favorite of those whose primary focus is empowering youth and young adults. Though his music with its heavy hypnotic hiphop beatz attracts the young and young at heart, his message is relatable and understood across the generations.

Mali Music is proving he is here to stay and ever evolving, unique and tremendously talented, he is one to watch!

“When you’re born with a purpose…it’s really hard to deny it… It’s actually easier to just be who & what you are…and that’s exactly what I’m doin’.”- Mali Music

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I just uploaded “Light Works Mix Tape Vol III - DJ Gudo” to - listen now!

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I just uploaded “King Of Kings Mix Tape Vol III - DJ Freeze” to - listen now!

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